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Clinical Studies

Hair laser therapy has been the subject of numerous studies with over 3.000 scientific papers published worldwide proving its numerous positive effects:

  • Stimulates growth of new thicker hair
  • Stops hair loss progression in 87% of the cases
  • Increase in volume by 23%
  • Increases blood supply to the scalp by 55% after one treatment
  • 90% of users noticed thicker hair
  • Very convenient, easy to use
  • Increase in hair density (in average the number of hairs per cm2 increased by 18)
  • Can be used after transplant surgery to keep end result looking good

Laser therapy

Laser light has certain characteristics producing physiological changes at a cellular level with many benefits: faster cellular reproduction, fibroblasts stimulation, higher levels of oxygen & nutrients in blood, improvement of the immune response and higher enzyme production among others. It is in fact a form of energy providing high levels of light to hair follicle cells to assist them in their normal chemical processes, the photo-biostimulation. This process is very similar to the photosynthesis, in which plants translate sun light energy into chemical forms of energy for food and growth. Likewise, laser penetrates into the scalp tissues and increases the action of the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is an energy transporter in-between the cells. Thus, laser light increases the energy available to cells allowing them to absorb nutrients faster and get rid of waste elements such as DHT (dihydrotestosterone) for instance. This leads to healthier hair cells and increases the cells density. As a result, hair tends to become thicker, stronger and healthier.

Read the results report, performed by medical specialists who verify the effectiveness of laser hair treatment. Click here.

SAF100™ ampoules

The SAF100™ concentrate is enriched with keratin microspheres, B-C-E vitamins and hialuronic acid for a better penetration & hair restoration. The concentrate has been specifically formulated to enhance the laser treatments’ performance, as it is the essential tool to fight hair loss right from the root. Its regenerative properties stimulates the formation of new hair stalks bringing nutrients to the follicle, protecting the hair from external damage as well. This is made possible thanks to the simultaneous action of the treatment which addresses the 2 most influential factors in promoting healthy hair; strengthening scalp blood microcirculation and bringing hair the essential nutrients that it needs.

The mechanism

Laser phototherapy creates an increase in scalp blood circulation and its cellular metabolism. This is crucial for healthy and strong follicles since higher blood flows allow follicles to absorb higher levels of nutrients while getting rid of harmful waste elements such as DHT, an important cause of hair loss. Likewise, laser light applied to the scalp affects hair follicles by photo-biostimulation. This process causes an increase in the biological molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which stimulates hair growth. ATP increases produce an increase in cells activity and metabolism, resulting in better & more hair.